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On site to view drama in language teaching
In Torun, Poland with EFL teachers Martin and Marius

Taking a break from work



Here's a link to Carlisle Publications, a publishing house for dramatic materials:
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Here's a list of some of my favorite ESL/EFL drama texts:

The Magic of Drama by Alexis Gerard Finger
Stage by Stage by Ann F. Burke and Julie C. O'Sullivan
Teaching English with Drama by Mark Almond
Words into Worlds: Learning a Second Language Through Process Drama
by Shin-Mei Kao and Cecily O'Neill
Action Strategies for Deepening Comprehension by Jeffrey D. Wilhelm
Acting in Classroom Drama by Gavin Bolton
Drama as a Learning Medium by Betty Jane Wagner
Drama for Learning by Dorothy Heathcote and Gavin Bolton
Drama Structures by Cecily O'Neill and Alan Lambert
Imagining to Learn by Jeffrey D. Wilhelm and Brian Edmiston
Structuring Drama Work by Jonothan Neelands and Tony Goode
Structure and Spontaneity by Philip Taylor and Christine D. Warner
Teaching Drama by Norah Morgan and Juliana Saxton