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Gary Carkin, Ph.D.
Owner/Editor Carlisle Publications

Welcome to Carlisle Publication's website!
Carlisle Publications is dedicated to bringing you the best of ESL/EFL Drama related materials, written and produced either by ourselves or by other authors.

I'm Gary Carkin, editor/owner of Carlisle Publications and Professor of ESOL at the Institute for Language Education, Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester, New Hampshire. I'm also an actor and writer. As a result, I find delight in my specialization which is using drama for English language teaching and I want to share with you a new text of plays written by yours truly with exercises developed by my colleagues, Catherine-Ann Day and Denis Hall.
For a long time, the field has suffered from a dearth of ESL/EFL drama texts that can be used efficiently in language classrooms. That's why we formed Carlisle Publications. Our mission is to seek out and publish drama materials that will support YOUR work in the language classroom at the lowest prices possible through new "print on demand" technology.

The first two books that we'd like to offer you come out of over ten years of work in the drama-language classroom. We developed the books because we couldn't find an update for the fine book of sketches by Doug Case and Ken Wilson, Off-Stage! published by Heinemann in the UK. So, we have incorporated excercises around the plays produced at the Institute for Language Education at Southern New Hampshire University since 1992. The result is Ten Plays and Ten MORE Plays for the ESL/EFL Classroom: Short, Humorous Plays for the Intermediate through Advanced Levels. The texts include chapters on How to Rehearse a Play and appendices that discuss techniques to develop intonation and stress as well as stage movement. Each script is surrounded by excercises: Cultural Notes for Discussion: Before the Reading, Comprehension Questions, Cultural Notes for Discussion: After the Reading, Vocabulary/Expressions, Crossword Puzzle, and Follow Up Activities. Ten MORE Plays for the ESL/EFL Classroom, follows the same successful format as the first book.


These plays and the exercises work! We have tested them in our classrooms and the books have been used in manuscript form in high schools and language schools in the U.S. and overseas during the developmental phases with great success. The feedback has been phenomenal as you can read for yourself in the next column.



Ten Plays for the ESL/EFL Classroom

Ten MORE Plays for the ESL/EFL Classroom

NEW!! A MONOGRAPH: Teaching English through Drama: The State of the Art by GARY CARKIN This will be sent electronically. The cost is $5.00 through PayPal.

We've based the design of the book on professional script format (it's full manuscript-sized 8.5 x 11 for easy reading and production work). It's coil bound so that the pages lie flat and, best of all, it's FULLY REPRODUCIBLE
 Teachers can make scripts for the classes and work on a unit at a time! 
Here's what some people in the know have said about the books, TEN PLAYS for the ESL/EFL CLASSROOM and TEN MORE PLAYS FOR THE ESL/EFL CLASSROOM:
"I wanted to let you know how great your two pulbications are for teaching theater. I used both of them last semester and my students could not get enough! In fact, one of my ESL students decided to take an acting course this semester...He realizes that acting will help him gain a sense of self as well as other practical skills."
Sylvie Huneault-Schultze
Fresno State College
"Just a note to say I used the Carkin book  (Ten Plays for the ESL/EFL Classroom) at the high school level with some intermediate students who clamored for more! It is just great!"
Barbara Elias - TESOL-Drama Group
Holly Dilatush, teaching at the Institute of Foreign Language Education at the Catholic University of Korea writes:
"150+ students from my classes participated in performances --- we did readings and partial performances of THE OFFICE and THE BIRTHDAY GIFT in class -- and then assigned oral midterm for all but one class to CHOOSE from 6 plays...and to perform it for midterms...we had rehearsal opps and lessons geared toward these plays incorporated into pre-midterm activities." (Later) "I've asked 143 of my students several questions, one being about identifying, describing, ONE activity from the past semester that was their favorite and most helpful for their English language learning -- and why. Several students have already responded, and all but one of them listed a drama activity -- especially the play they performed at midterm -- as their favorite!
Students calling a midterm their favorite learning experience is not a norm in my experience!
Julie O'Sullivan, co-author with Ann F. Burke of STAGE BY STAGE
(Heinemann, Portsmouth, NH):
"In true Case and Wilson flair - I love them!"
"These kinds of scripts are exactly what ESL teachers need as they are short, easy to understand (with a little help from the teacher of course),
and they're fun!"
"A wonderful book."

Our New Text
Lively sketches that teach the four skills!

And, Alexis Gerard Finger, author of THE MAGIC OF DRAMA (Full Blast Productions, ON, CANADA) writes:
"I finally had a chance to look over your textbook. It's great!
You and your co-authors have done a wonderful job."
If you have written plays for language students or use successful drama techniques in your drama or language teaching, consider putting them together in a manuscript and sending it to us. We are anxious to publish new authors!
"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players"
William Shakespeare, Jacques' Speech,  As You Like It, Act II, Scene VII
Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list for sales and specials!

You can e-mail us at: garycarkin@yahoo.com